Alien's Travel Guide to Earth

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Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are the best of the best of mountains including some volcanoes. It is 415 miles squared. There's 300 miles of hiking trails, a lot of wild life, and it ascends 12,000 feet in the air. It's open 24 hours a day; 365 days a year.


  • trails
  • hiking
  • a lot of over looks
  • starry nights
  • sledding
  • fishing
  • climbing
  • wild life
  • camping


  • dangerous animals
  • weather
  • falling trees
  • burned areas
  • high elevation
  • lightning
  • wild life
  • ice fields
  • mountain climbing
  • ash
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Travel tips

  • bring lots of clothes
  • watch out for some wild animals like snakes
  • watch out for ice

Packing list

  • winter coat
  • snow gear for December, January, February,
  • summer cloths for June, July, August

Suggestings for places to visit near the rocky mountains

  • bear lake
  • pear lake
  • lake perris

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is a beautiful lake that is really nice and fun. It is 307 miles long and 118 miles across. Its area is 22,300 miles squared. Its located east of Michigan
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  • swimming
  • fishing
  • water boarding
  • tubing
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  • drowning
  • affections
  • stranded
  • caches

Travel tips

  • watch out for other boats
  • there's a lot of fish
  • make sure you can swim

Packing list

  • swimming suit
  • tank top
  • sun screen
  • life jacket

Suggesting for places to visit near lake michigan

  • canum beach
  • cape cod beach
  • holland state park


Greenland is the largest island of the world. How cool is that! It's covered by glaciers. A little less then 57,000 people live in Greenland. 15,000 people live in the capital Nuuk.
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  • fishing
  • skating
  • tourism
  • food
  • sites


  • drowning
  • slipping
  • cold water
  • animals

Travel tips

  • stay warm
  • don't go in the water because it's to cold
  • watch out for predators
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Packing list

  • winter coat
  • a lot of warm clothing
  • survival materials

Suggestings for places to visit near greenland

  • ilulissat glaciers
  • conservation of artic flora and fauna
  • outinirpago national park

Three different ways people reigonalize the Earth

  • time zones
  • continents
  • hemispheres


This was made by: Eric Farrell; from city of St.Johns
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