Brittney Griner

How Brittney Griner was a influential female athlete

Brittney was an influential female athlete

"Griner had 20 points, 13 rebounds and 5 blocks to lead Baylor to a win of 80-61 which she also took her team to the championship of a total 40-0." She won the gold medal with the team USA at the 2014 world championship for for women in turkey. She scored 12.3 points 6.2 rebounds and a 2.0 block.


Brittney scored 20 points seven times in her basketball career and 48 career games in her college years. On may 24,2013 Brittney equaled the WNBA dunk record. She scored 2 dunks against the Candace Parkers. Brittney had received an a word for a word for best female athlete ESPY award. With Brittney's finished the season with more blocked shots the eight of the other 11 WNBA teams.

Brittney's Early Life Style

She quit vollyball and started to give basketball a chance. Her coach started to say "set a screen" Brittney had no clue or an idea what her coach was even talking about. "What's your name? What's your birthday? She couldn't answer any of her mother's questions because she had just got the wind knocked out of her from falling of the tree.


Brittney is currently..

Height: 6"8

Weight: 205 lb including muscle

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

College: Baylor '13

Spouse: Glory Johnson

Brittney was selected by the Phoenix Mercury and has played on that team as number 1

Brittney Griner

Texts tell you about things she has done and who is her motivator and things she was done for her team