Sink what?

What are Sinkholes?

Have you ever asked yourself "What exactly are sinkholes?" If so, I am here to inform you! Sinkholes are small or big pits in the ground that form in areas where water gathers without external drainage. When the water drains below the ground, it could dissolve subterranean caverns. Most sinkholes form annually but their downfall is sudden.
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Why should YOU care?

Everyone should take sinkholes seriously. It is rare to die from a sinkhole but it is possible. If you believe that you are living on a sinkhole, you need to move out or get out of there quickly! The signs that will occur is when your doors or windows won't close properly, sagging trees, and when rain fall is collecting in unusual places.

Regions that are Vulnerable to Sinkholes.

Sinkholes could happen anywhere whenever underground water washes away soft rocks but according to the USGS about 20% of U.S land is susceptible to sinkholes. The most damage from sinkholes will most likely occur in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.

Guatemalan Sinkhole

On May 30th, 2010 in Guatemala City, Guatemala, a sinkhole occurred, it was 30 stories deep! The Guatemalan sinkhole killed at least one man and swallowed a three-story building. Scientists believe that this sinkhole was months or years in making but when Tropical Storm, Agatha came around and dumped more than three feet of rain water, the scientists think that was the final trigger.
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Deltona Sinkhole

In Deltona, Florida, 2004, the people of Deltona suffered 4 hurricanes that year and on December 13th, a sinkhole occurred. It swallowed trees, chunks of sidewalk, a utility pole, and a blinking roadside sign. The sinkhole grew at least 225 feet wide and 50 feet deep.
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