William Tecumseh Sherman

A Hero to the North

William T. Sherman

William Tecumseh Sherman was a general for the Union army. He was known for his ruthless war ethics, he had no mercy and along the way he burned everything in his path. He was feared and hated in the South. In May of 1861, he became a colonel in the 13th U.S. Infantry. He fought in the First Bull Run, Vicksburg, and he was the leader of Sherman's March to the sea. In 1869, Sherman took over as General Commander of the U.S. Army. On February 14, 1891 Sherman died.
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A Great General

This shows a quote about how Sherman felt toward the South. He was ruthless towards them and showed no mercy. He wanted the South to fear the North and that was what made him a wonderful General. He really knew how to make the South fear him and how to stop them from supporting the South.