Could this be you?

Vege Chips is looking for guest bloggers

Share your writing with the world!

Great news, Vege chips is launching a blog. The format will feature a guest blogger each month on our site to give you a platform to share your stories with the (Vege Chips) world!

You will be asked to write one or two original stories for us to publish on our blog from a range of topics such as food, travel, lifestyle, health, sport, education, parenting and fashion. Whatever you like, we are sure it will have a link to Vege Chips messages.

We will promote you and your writing via our established social media network, Facebook & Twitter plus a monthly e-news to our ever growing data base.

We frequently collaborate with high profile businesses in the real and online space to promote our range, with competitions and consumer engagement events, all of which means great exposure for you.

To be one of the first bloggers to represent Vege Chips and grow your audience overnight you will need to have;

  • a minimum of 1000 followers
  • be a family/vegetarian/health conscious/healthy lifestyle/fitness writer who loves Vege Chips
  • be willing to write stories that are in line with the values of the Vege Chips brand
  • content will be subject to approval by our Marketing Coordinator and in line with our Social Media Policy here <insert link to website?>.

Awesome, count me in!

Jump online and send us a Tweet with a link to our Pinterest page

And show us why you should be our next Guest Blogger.

Please include a link to your blog and any recent work you are particularly proud of!