How its bad for the enviroment

Electronic Waste is a problem to the enviroment

Did you know that an average American throws away a phone every 18 months? In doing so they are wasting precious metals. Americans dump 60 million dollars worth of gold and silver. They also contain toxins and chemicals that can harm people when they try to take them apart.

What's the big deal?

Many people don't know that these phones can be recycled but even when they are done so, the majority of them will still be thrown into dumps. On the right you can see a zoomed out image of JUST the phones in e waste
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How You Can Help!

Our group has decided to take initiative against e waste, to help the economy and the environment. Much of the e waste the USA makes gets dumped into developing countries (shown above is the e waste in South Africa).

You can help us! You can get our app which will {{{INSERT APP INFO}}}. Visit our website! For more information watch our YouTube video {{{ADD VIDEO}}}


Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 9pm

South Africa

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