How to become president

Its so easy trump could do it!


  1. Must be born in the united states of American or a citizen and must be a resident for at least 14 years, No Commies.
  2. Must be at least 35 years of age.

Step One Primary and caucuses

There are many candidates at this state each with their own ideas and groups of people with similar ideas form a party. They campaign to win votes and get there name out there. During the caucus members discus and vote to decide the best candidate. in primary the members vote for the best candidate.

Step 2 National convention

At national convention each party takes votes for the final nominee for president. at this point the final nominee chooses a vise president to run with. Then they champion the country to get votes and put out annoying T.V. ads to promote themselves or to demote the other candidate.

Step 3 General Elections

People vote for one president and vise president People are actually voting for a group of people know as electors.
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Step 4 electoral college

Each states then get a certain amount of electors based its representation in congress. The winner will need more than 270 votes to win (more than half).
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Finally president and vise president are inaugurated.

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