what you need to know about the watershed

What is a watershed?

A watershed is all the water that drains into a larger body of water. It includes streams, tributaries, and runoff. The chesapeake bay watershed does not just include virginia. New York, pennsylvania, delaware, and west virginia all drain into the chesapeake bay. The susquehanna, potomac, rappahannock, york, and james are the largest rivers that drain into the chesapeake bay.

Mother Nature Affects the Bay

Flooding, high winds, and hurricanes destroy the bay. Trees promote clean air, water, and act as habitats for many animals. When trees are knocked over it can destroy the water and cause floods. One way to help protect the trees is to plant more. Planting trees actively helps the bay directly and indirectly.

Humans destructing the bay

Humans join in on destructing the bay everyday without realizing it. We pollute the air, litter, and contaminate the water. Chemical contaminants can contaminate the ground, water, and the fish we eat. There are ways to prevent this from happening like carpooling or riding a bike to your destinations. This cuts air pollution.