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By now I am sure you have read Ms. Bilotti's communcation about remote learning starting on Monday, November 23, 2020. I would like to follow that letter up with a few more detaiils for you and your children on what the expectations will be for remote learning.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and students who have participated in my Student Chats and the Parent Forum as well as the emails and conversations we have had over the last 2.5 weeks about suggestions and possible solutions to concerns. We have listened to your ideas and we continue to work with our staff on adddressing them. I am confident that you will see that your suggestions and ideas have been considered for our "new" virtual schedule.

Virtual Learning Bell Schedule

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Brief summary of schedule

  • This is a 7 period schedule every day.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday are “formal” class days where Zoom lessons will be required.

  • Wednesday is mostly an Asynchronous day (posted assignments) but some Zooms, extension, enrichment, tutoring or reteaching may be scheduled by the teacher or requested by the students.

  • Teachers will be available Monday through Friday during their scheduled periods and Office Hours

    • Example: If Monday Period 1 is a Zoom on Tuesday Period 1 the teacher will be available via email/Zoom for questions and help.

  • Monday and Thursday are Zoom and instructional meeting days for Humanities only.

  • Tuesday and Friday are Zoom and instructional meeting days for STEM only.

  • Students will still be required to sign in for attendance each period as normal.


  • Teachers will Zoom on their applicable day and will remain on Zoom for the duration of the class period.

  • Teachers will utilize Zoom to teach a lesson, deliver new infromation, assign practice activities & monitor students during the Zoom.

  • Students should take advantage of asking for help and clarification during these Zoom sessions.

"Office Hours"

  • There a few options for students to get assistance in this model. They may request help on "non-Zoom" days during their class periods or at the very end of each day.

  • Teachers will also be available Wednesdays during their class period for assistance.

  • Each teacher will determine how they will run their Office Hours. They may request an email from students, have a sign-up form or simply be available on Zoom.