by: Solange Sahi

Welcome to the SNS.taps web page!

Hi, my name is Solange Sahi and i am the founder and chief executive of SNS.taps. We make customizable tapestries, as well as our own original ones too. Buy a tapestry today!

Some of our products:

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Monday- Friday (7:00am- 10:30pm)

Saturday (11:00am- 4:00pm)

Sunday closed


-Tie-die: $10.00 (per color)

-Extra large tapestry (7.5× 7.5ft):95.00

-Large Tapestry (6× 6ft): 75.00

-Medium Tapestry(4.5× 4.5ft): 60.00

-Small Tapestry(3.5× 3.5ft)45.00

Customization Fee depends on the size of the tapestry.