Malcolm X


Malcolm X believed strongly in the Muslim relgion.

Malcolm used Allah as his inspiration for all his speeches. He blamed many of the tragedies that occurred during his time on the wrath of Allah. One of his most notable comments was a jet plane filled with white people that crashed, on which Malcolm X said was revenge from Allah for their sins(against blacks.) Many of Malcolm's views were based on the Muslim religion.

Malcolm believed in segregation

Malcolm did not support integration, unlike many of the other civil rights leaders. Malcolm believed white people should be separated from blacks but he still supported equality. Malcolm also believed blacks would fare better by themselves and by separating from whites they could find pride in their race.

Malcolm believed in speaking his mind

Malcolm X was an advocate for blacks because he said what people wanted to say but couldn't. Malcolm believed in not holding anything back and he would say whatever he felt. Although this was controversial at times, Malcolm could always get his point across. If he felt something was right and true, Malcolm would say it regardless of what people told him.
Malcolm X on Black Muslim Beliefs