Facebook friends with teachers?

by: estrella ramirez

Peoples Thoughts.

  • To some people it is not okay for teachers to befriend student on Facebook for precautions that any harm can happen to the student examples of; sexual harassment, bullying, rape, kidnap, and so forth.

Peoples Approvals of it.

  • To some people they think that it is okay for teachers to befriend with students on Facebook, because they think that the students can just message them and ask for the days assignments of something like that.
  • But actually it is not the right thing to do for teachers to befriend students on Facebook.

My Opinion.

  • In my opinion, i personally do not think it is the right choice for teachers to befriend student on Facebook because the head administrator of school have said that it is wrong for teachers to have any contact with students outside or after school hours.
  • I also don't think it is right for that to be, because of all the pass cases that have happened with teachers physically harassing a students as of rape, sexual contact, and other problems, students have also been traumatized do to threats received from a teacher.