Week of December 8

New Year 2014 !

Whitley's words.............

If you were in Sunday school this past week we talked about "4 Why" questions. Go back and listen to the song "Strange way to save the world", by Rascal Flatts. The song talks about Joseph asking himself why him? Of all the people in the world why did God pick a carpenter to be the earthly Father of the King of the Universe. When I think about that as a Father I have to ask myself how do I measure up? Would God ever pick me for a job of that magnitude? Could I ever be that worthy? Dad's of the world, we need to be mindful that maybe God has already chosen us to nurture and love all kds, especially our own and to be the Godly Father that he gives us the example to be. Why Him was the second question. It is so hard for our minds to wrap around all that God truly is. Our view of the world is so minimal. The limitations of our own understanding is so narrow and abnormal that we cannot even begin to comprehend what God has in store for us all. Yet He came as a defenseless baby to save the world. Not as a King or a Ruler but as a Savior. Wow. Why Bethlehem? Just like any other place you might find your self in right now, God chooses the normal places to do everything. He is a King remember, so He doesn't have to have any glamor surround Him. He made it and lives in it. Why Her? Why Mary? Because she was chosen. The scripture says she was "highly favored". As is every child of the Kingdom. Can you imagine holding the Creator of the Universe in your arms? I wonder if she even thought that? My guess is she did because the Bible also says she "treasured all these things and pondered these things in her heart." I say all of that to say this...This year as we approach Christmas, we need to prepare. We need to prepare our own hearts to be lined up with God and His plan. Josh said last night in choir that we need to ponder or prepare ourselves spiritually as we approach God's throne with our music and worship on this Sunday. Don't wait until Sunday morning either. Start today, right now. So my challenge to myself and to you as well is start today to begin your preparation for our King's Birthday. Mentally and physically empty ourselves of ourselves and fill up with God's Holy Spirit as we prepare to worship Him daily with our lives as His servants. Merry Christmas and hope to see youon Sunday. ..........PEACE


Penny Steedly - Melanie's boss has an incurable kidney disease. Gina Wood - Sister-in-las of Butch and Melanie is having neck surgery this week. Bob Kimsey has stage 4 cancer. Diane Berry - had a wreck this week and her daughter Danielle found the lump in her breast to not be cancer. Her dad had knee surgery also. Palmer Family - Baby Cameron in Boston still praying for growth and to go home soon. Praise - Nina Bower's brother and sister-in-law in a bad wreck but no major injuries. Brian Royal - Had knee Replacement on Monday. Nunnelly family - Mary Ellen having an MRI and Bonita's dad still with medical issues. Lisenby family - jana Phillips niece McKenzie in prison and struggling with the death of her mom. Rick Popple - fell and was in Grady but now moved to Shepherd's Spinal Center. Nerbonne Family - Boys having finals and having a few struggles there as well.


Jan 5. Whitley

We will sign up for snacks on Sunday!


Bible Study~New Year!

Sunday, Jan. 5th, 9:15am

5485 Five Forks Trickum Road

Stone Mountain, GA

COED 2-D Whitley

Our class is a group of adults with the purpose to engage in the truths of the scripture as a preparation to live out Jesus love in our daily lives. We come together and study Gods word with open discussion and prayer time. We share prayer concerns, support mission projects, and lift each other up! All welcome!
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