Capital Punishment: for better or for worse?

Death penalties: making the world a better place

Don’t you think the death penalty is such an advantageous system? Innocent people get to die left and right before a lot of them can even be proven innocent. Why should we want to live our lives with our families when getting murdered for something you didn't do isn't an option? It’s not like we only live once or anything. We have a million lives, so sacrificing just one will not hurt us. The death penalty has made dying easier; I’m surprised it’s not an option to those who want to commit suicide. I mean that’s what it’s there for right? If you are going to allow somebody to take the easy way out, why not let them feel good about themselves. They get a last meal of their choosing and they get to die so they don’t have to hear about what they did. Plus, prison food is always the best; how about those clumpy, compressed meat and dried vegetables? Talk about a sweet deal! These authorities have no worries about justifying their predictions. They can put others on the death row without feeling a bit of guilt. No, they get killed without any real pain. The only time they’re in prison is for the time they’re waiting on the death row. I’m sure everyone in the nation would have the desire to be put on the death row for years, not knowing where they are going to end up.

If life was really that simple for all of us, the longest we would live would be up to twenty years old. That way nobody can tell me that I have to do the work that I don’t want to do. Life would be great; I’ll get to kill people and let them suffer as much pain as I want them to and all I have to worry about is when the government kills me. That’s the life we are trying to shoot for by keeping the death penalty an option. We are showing that killing is okay even if there is no specific proof of why the “criminal” should be put on the death row. Whether they are innocent or guilty, it doesn’t seem to matter, as long as we kill them based on what our gut tells us.

We assume they were guilty of some crime by making our own judgments. We had no idea that they were innocent, and our government does this all the time so why should we have to go to jail for something that was not committed? The least the nation can do is give me the death penalty for actually chopping somebody up. I, at least am owning up to my actions and admitting that I killed that vicious man, so please do the honors of murdering me. Everybody loves the death penalty that’s why we have it. That way I’m safe from having to rot my life out in prison and I can just die immediately.

With results like this, those criminals have started taking death penalties in their own hands by creating suicide bombers. They know what they're doing is wrong, but at least this way they can still do what they want to and kill themselves without having to go to prison just to receive the death penalty. Why should we force people to wait only to kill them when they can just do it themselves and save us both the time and money?

These are the kind of things that make up the claim of why the death penalty is useless and should be inactive. We work to put food on the table and live a good life, when the government could easily blame a random witness for being apart of the murder. There’s no point in trying if our lives are risked just because we’re present at the scene. We’re obviously in the hunger games - kill or be killed. Who volunteers as tribute?


The Lack of Justice and Undermine of Death Penalty

Death penalty has always been an ongoing conflict, but is it getting worse? As it is used to resolve most murder cases, society has different point of views on death sentence. The more it is used; the further people will believe that it’s something to be implied in every arising conflict. However, when it is used to unravel dangerous inquiries, there seems to be a misleading impression that the government knows what they are enforcing. Capital punishment has been occurring for centuries and within that period, many have been falsely executed. Death penalty should not be allowed because it displays that the government makes several uncertain mistakes, therefore, they are forcing death upon an innocent being and causing the authority to be portrayed as unreliable.

Executing faultless individuals have been a primary component of the reason why capital punishment should be abolished. According to America Magazine, “A number of persons executed in the United States were later cleared by confessions of those who had actually committed the crimes.” With proof that death penalty has been misused, an eye witness, Earls Charles was forced to spend over three years on Georgia death row for crimes he was not involved in. Because there is no providing evidence leading to execution, the government assumes based on the judge. Some may believe that it is more secure for the government to enforce the system on who committed the crime, but what if the government is not sure enough? Sure, there have been murder cases that have been solved due to capital punishment, but there are also people who have been falsely accused of something they have not committed. No matter what excuse the opposing side might argue, taking away a life that did not contribute to the crime should be illegal. The ODAP also states, “In Missouri, Texas and Virginia investigations have been opened to determine if those states executed innocent men…it is morally reprehensible; this is a risk we cannot take.” Not only does death sentence impacts the innocence’s life but it also affects those who participated in this inaccurate situation.

The effectiveness death penalty has on executing a harmless man could lead the government to become misrepresented for a mistake that took away innocence’s existence. An editor, Marc Hyden states, “the death penalty system to find what surprises no one – it is an expensive program that is run poorly and makes mistakes…and relies on outdated, unscientific, and unreliable methods to prove guilt.” Because of the various cases that come along with capital punishment, many can agree that the death penalty system has caused a risk of lives and have upset the public. In some cases, it could be used as a beneficial manner, but in most conditions like this, it has caused the government to seem as if they are not working efficiently. The way society views the government is widely essential because everybody has the desire to live in a country where they are reassured that there will be a right and precise consequence to felony. The question is, how are you to trust to government with lives and solving crimes if they are imposing the case incorrectly?

As we are constantly informed about the destabilization of the government based on their system of capital punishment, there are different perceptions based on how it affects the public, the government, and most importantly, the innocent human being. If there is not enough proof to carry out the death penalty system, it should not be used. The government does not realize that each being has one life to fulfill. After recognizing their mistake, they will not be able to apologize or take back their actions. Not only has the population lost an innocent life, but imagine how much their families and friends will be affected by this tragedy. This causes the view of the public to turn against the government and recognize their wrong doings. Yet, the structure of death penalty has not transitioned to a better solution. There are multiple causes explaining why they oppose on the usage of death penalty, and these are the main ones. If there is no resolution of this dispute that has been going on for years, then the usage of capital punishment should become diminished.


Dear Brook Moore,

I believe that capital punishment should be eliminated due to its results being that it will never change how it impacted the victim’s life. How are we as the people going to gain comfort if the victim still has the vivid image of the frightening scene? Even though death penalty is the primary consequence for acts of murder, the victim is still harmed in every way. Some people may say that after the government takes action in killing the criminal, the other party will feel safe but we are never guaranteed that it is true. I understand that the death penalty system is utilized in every way possible, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily the solution. If the state kills them, what are we getting out of it? Nothing is going to change after the action that is taking place. From having to live my everyday life, I am still obligated to go out into this world knowing that anyone can have the advantage to murder me or someone I know and love. After the murder occurs, you cannot change back how the victim views their life and society itself. Within any of those situations, I, myself would feel terrorized and shocked for the rest of my life. No matter what the punishment to the delinquent may be, it will haunt me until I die. I do not understand the purpose of death penalty, because I don’t think it would change how anybody feels about this world. Do we really believe that the victim will continue on their life as a regular person? You have to think about how capital punishment can impact one’s life. They will never be able to face strangers, they will be captivated in their own fear, and their perspectives will take a change towards anyone in public. If death penalty really was effective, then murders would never continue to take action. However, even after the death row, culprits still appear. If people think that death penalty is a threat to the nation, they are wrong. In all, I have an understanding that death penalty should not be used because it does not settle the victim’s situation nor does it change the ongoing conflict.

Sincerely, Cynthia Ramos

Death penalty is haunting citizens?

The public have been deprived on the revenge the government is calling justice on the decision to execute suspects of a crime for decades. The intention of the death penalty system is to prevent murders from occurring but little do authorities know about the continuity of relentless delinquency throughout our nation. The usage death penalty contains more disadvantages than benefits because of how much it affects our population. In modern day, some are reconsidering if capital punishment is worth all the risks that come along with it. Racism and the cost to enforce the death penalty system are a few of the many reasons why it should be extinguished from the power of the state.

A factor that contributes to the weakening of the criminal justice system is racism within death penalty. The Huffington Post acknowledges, “In 82% of the studies, race of victim was found to influence the likelihood of being charged with capital murder or receiving the death penalty, i.e., those who murdered whites were more likely to be sentenced to death than those who murdered blacks. This find was remarkably consistent across data sets, states, data collection methods, and analytic techniques.” According to provided statistics, 42% of blacks are on the death row; however, 15% of the population barely makes up blacks. The state is primarily concerned about which race is getting murdered; therefore those who assassinate whites are most likely to receive death sentence. Although discrimination has always been present, it is now being integrated into capital punishment and affecting the criminal more than it should. “If the victim is white, the defendant is 11 times more likely to receive the death penalty than if the victim is black. If the victim is white and the defendant is black, than the likelihood of death penalty sentence is 22 times higher.” The prejudiced yet accurate information is based on how the government runs capital punishment. Some may have an interpretation that the government’s criminal justice system has a stability in knowing what kind of people are more important, but the amount of equity and racism convicted in this system is spiteful towards blacks. Why should they have to suffer just because of what the state believes? McElwee argues, “The death penalty turns the justice system from a mechanism of controlled forced aimed at eliminating violence, to a system of violence itself. Rather than move our society towards mutual cooperation and understanding, we have institutionalized the very “eye for an eye” justice we have sought to end. They have the desire to set a fair organization for the state, but the amount of biased carried out under capital punishment has caused the flame to enlarge. As discriminatory continues to come about, nobody reaps benefits from this law; in fact, this causes more disputes.

People in different states have been forced to pay taxes in order to maintain a persistent death penalty program. According to Agrawal, certain perspectives argues that the ending of the system of death penalty will increase the cost of money due to the requirement of prison space for the criminals who would've been executed; however, the process of execution would cost tax payers more as opposing to the criminal spending their time in prison. This represents that death penalty is ineffective because everyone is paying taxes in order to meet the standards of providing money for the execution system when it isn’t properly carried out. Throughout America, the government is under huge debt; how are we going to pay it off when death penalty is in the way? Depending on the state, the cost varies, but studies show, “a major study in Maryland concluded that in that state “an average capital-eligible case resulting in death sentence will cost approximately $3 million, $1.9 million more than a case where the death penalty was not sought.” Even though we’ve always been aware of the expense, it is beginning to accelerate as more crimes are committed.

The operation of capital punishment has played a huge impact on society, giving them reasons to protest against the execution of a criminal. Everyone may feel safe when death penalty is used, but nobody acknowledges the consequences us citizens must face. Under death penalty, there are millions of reasons why it does not aid society. Capital punishment inherits the concept of racism as well as wasting money paid by the people living in the state. Citizens are angry about this because they are paying for something they do not want to be enforced. There are a mass amount of major complications that need to be resolved using money, and death penalty is not one of it. Discrimination has also taken part in this case because the lives of the criminals lie in the victim’s race. The idea of death penalty is to show equality that no criminal can get away with their wrong doings, but these factors have proved that it is causing the system to worsen. If death penalty is eventually coming inefficacious, why should it still exist?

(2nd unsigned)

Death sentence distributing positive effects among others

Society is putting up a fight when it comes to the debate whether death penalty should be allowed or restricted in the states. Death penalty has been a controversial issue for decades and centuries due to people religious beliefs and political structure. Capital punishment is the most violent punishment that can be given to a suspect that has been convicted of a crime but it displays the consequences of breaking the law. I believe death penalty should continue to be enforced due to it being costly effective and bringing many favorable results for the public by ensuring safety amongst the people.

Capital punishment is more of a bargain when versus life in prison. According to the Director of Death Penalty Resources, Dudley Sharp, “Many opponents present, as fact, that the cost of the death penalty is so expensive, that we must choose life without parole at a cost of $1 million for 50 years.

Predictably, these pronouncements may be entirely false.” Con arguments give the viewers and readers a false perception that death penalty versus life in prison is an excessive amount of money. In reality, it is dependent on what the situation the opposing arguers are comparing to the capital punishment. "It is not cheaper to keep a criminal confined, because most of the time he will appeal just as much causing as many costs as a convict under death sentence. Being alive and having nothing better to do, he will spend his time in prison conceiving of ever-new habeas corpus petitions, which being unlimited, in effect cannot be rejected as res judicata. The cost is higher.” When this perspective is given, which is more likely when prisoners are sentenced life in prison, the evidence shows that the cost of the death penalty is less of money conserver than life in prison.

Ensuring safety to the nation should be the government’s primary concern. “Death penalty also ensures the safety of rest of the prison inmates as statics establish that most of the capitally punished criminals are violent and prone to be unpredictable.” One criminal out on this earth is better than none. This is decreasing the probability that an innocent will lose their life in return for death penalty upon the criminal. Criminals who receive the death penalty are typically violent individuals. Therefore, for the safety of the prison’s guards, other prisoners, and the general public, the logic dictates that safety is a reason for capital punishment. In David B. Muhlhausen’s recent research states, “Using a panel data set of over 3,000 counties from 1977 to 1996, Professors Hashem Dezhbakhsh, Paul R. Rubin, and Joanna M. Shepherd of Emory University found that each execution, on average, results in 18 fewer murders.Using state-level panel data from 1960 to 2000, Professors Dezhbakhsh and Shepherd were able to compare the relationship between executions and murder incidents before, during, and after the U.S. Supreme Court's death penalty moratorium. They found that executions had a highly significant negative relationship with murder incidents. Additionally, the implementation of state moratoria is associated with the increased incidence of murders.” The people in society can have that mindset, from the devastation of the tragedies, that the government has put a criminal to rest. This guarantees safety among the people, knowing that they could never harm the victim or anyone else. Safety to the society is the main priority and if capital punishment is the one way to do accomplish that, then it so be it.

The issue of death penalty has been prolonging over the past years, and more statistics have shown that it is for everyone’s sake in safety. The usage of capital punishment has helped the victims to feel at ease and understand that criminals will never get away with their immoral act. This way, the nation will be able to trust the government with their lives and it will eventually come to benefit every human being that might have felt uncertain about death sentence. The cost to carry out death penalty has also caused disputations, but there are mistaken interpretations of how much the money impacts the system. There could be billions of dollars thrown for the authorities to execute a criminal and it would still be satisfying. Why are there so many concerns towards how much money is used if it is to help others? The protection of lives are worth so much more than paper.

-Bill Davis Jr., Carl Wunsche Sr. High School Student

Dear Ashima Agrawal,

I strongly disagree with your article entitled, “The Death Penalty Should Be
Abolished.” Speaking for both myself and our society, I believe that capital
punishment is something that is effective to this nation as well as it being a
system that helps display the idea of peace to anyone who might have been
affected by the tragedy. When you spoke about a criminal, James Holmes, having
the possibility of receiving the death penalty, I can agree that it is an
obligation to enforce that system. When you know that someone is capable of
perpetuating a crime even though they are aware what precautions should be
taken, they should receive punishment in return. If being thrown into jail
won’t tame them and their actions then there is no other option than to utilize
the death penalty. Some people like myself take this personally because we want
to see those who have caused great depression and sadness upon us to feel the
same way we do. Imagine waking up every morning and being reminded that we’ve
lost one of the most precious things to us: a life. “Rather than letting
a criminal rot in jail as a punishment, thereby giving them time they can use
to adequately reflect on their actions and potentially become a better person”
could be the biggest lie I have ever heard. If the criminal decides to
contribute to acts of murder, what makes you think they will have their
perspectives just because they are stuck in prison? These kind of conclusions
you are building destroys the meaning of common sense. I think that if a person
is that careless to randomly kill another being, there’s no way that they will
become a better person. If you really feel that the elimination of death penalty will help criminals become better, please consider.

Sincerely, Cynthia Ramos

Death penalty now reaching out to people with a new topic, religion and values

Capital Punishment is a very sensitive subject when brought upon in early and modern day society. This punishment is used when someone has broken the law to a high standpoint. Death penalty has influenced others based on the political or social impact, but now it has led to impact on one’s value and religion. This is causing others to reconsider their argument against the power the state has on death penalty. The opinion on whether God finds this punishment reasonable has been a recent debate on whether people should approve of it or not. I can agree that if it death penalty is enforced in the Bible, it should be continue to be utilized among the nation as well as the worth of a human’s life.

Most Christians believe in the death penalty because of what the Bible states; therefore, it gives them the okay to do so. In accordance to the Bible it states, Without shedding of blood there is no remission' (Hebrews 9:22). Anyone who is courageous enough to commit a crime shall be courageous enough to suffer the consequences for what they have done. God doesn’t tolerate sin, therefore you should know there will be repercussions to pay. Based on a recent article, a pastor, Rafael Cruz explains his approval of capital punishment after his interpretation of the Bible. Cruz states, “You know, the Bible is so clear.. go to Genesis chapter nine and you will find the death penalty clearly stated in Genesis chapter nine...God ordains the penalty!” One’s culture may be dependent on how they feel towards death penalty but I believe this will reassure the major population to adjust their viewpoint. Even though some might argue that the Bible does not control one’s opinion, there is written evidence based on how God feels, and we need to be receptive towards His orders.

Death penalty isn’t just about giving the criminal ramifications, it’s about ensuring the highest values of ones’ life. “Abolitionists may contend that the death penalty is inherently immoral because governments should never take human life, no matter what the provocation. But that is an article of faith, not of fact, just like the opposite position held by abolitionist detractors, including myself... The death penalty honors human dignity by treating the defendant as a free moral actor able to control his own destiny for good or for ill; it does not treat him as an animal with no moral sense, and thus subject even to butchery to satiate human gluttony. Moreover, capital punishment celebrates the dignity of the humans whose lives were ended by the defendant's predation." was expertly said by Bruce Fein, JD, General Counsel for the Center for Law and Accountability, in an American Bar Association website article titled "Individual Rights and Responsibility - The Death Penalty, But Sparingly". People lives are to be honored and it’s the governments job to obtain justice for the damaged victim(s). Why would the government allow a criminal to take one’s life as they get the benefit of continuing to live in prison? If the government isn’t allowing death penalty, there isn’t a balance to the judicial system. As Edward Koch’s states, "It is by exacting the highest penalty for the taking of human life that we affirm the highest value of human life." The values of human life has been taking advantage over the past centuries due to the ongoing crimes that occur every day. If a criminal is carelessly taking away a life of another being, the government should be given the right to execute him. If the consequences for murder are eliminated, then our society would be destroyed.

The death penalty is one of the best solutions to a criminal paying its debt to society. Thy that shall commit a crime shall suffer the consequences for what they have done. The capital punishment has given the communities, families, societies and the world could come at peace knowing the criminal has zero percent of ever attacking or causing harm to another’s life again. Whether people know it or not the government and political system is based upon beliefs and faith. Within the knowledge of religion and the worth of individuals, people have understood that death penalty not only saves others but reassures society that God has the desire for all lives to be valued. Death penalty shows the other criminals that their lives can be forsaken just like they took someone else's. At the end of the day, justice needs to be served upon our victims so if death penalty is the only to get it across to the other criminals and to perceive justice, then we have found our longing answer.

-Bill Davis Jr., Carl Wunsche Sr. High School Student