Classical Conversations Week 11

To Know GOD and Make HIM Known

Foundations to Challenge

Memorization breeds curiosity. This week, your children will memorize a broad outline of the history of the Byzantine Empire. Learning a bit about the cultures that came before us awakens a curiosity about God's great big world. In Challenge, they will continue weaving these tidbits into a larger understanding of the tapestry of world history, which will awaken new questions in them. They will continue to encounter these stories through Challenge literature and through world history texts like Francis Schaeffer's How should we then live? And Daniel Boorstin's The Discoveries.

Read "How to Raise a Discoverer" by Matt Bianco.

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"But we ought always to give thanks to God for you, brothers beloved by the Lord, because God chose you as the first fruits to be saved, through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth. To this he called you through our gospel, so that you may obtain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the traditions that you were taught by us, either by our spoken word or by our letter."

2 Thessalonians 2:13-15 (ESV)

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Week 12 Taco Potluck

Sign up to bring something to share for our potluck next week! We will be having a taco bar.

Practice Jingle Bells on the Tin Whistle!

Practice Jingle Bells this week! We are going to play it as a group during opening next week! Page 180 in your Foundations Guide.

Presentation Schedule

Week 12 Tradition: Tell us about your favorite holiday tradition.

Week 13 Improvisation: Draw a topic from a hat

Week 14 Tell us about a Biblical hero of faith or missionary. Where did they live? What did they do? What did they do? Why are they a hero?

  • Remember these topics are only suggestions. Your child is free to do their presentation on any topic they are interested in.
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Pocket Change Donation Party

We will continue towards working to our goal of an extra $500 of donations for the church. Please continue bringing in your pocket change. When we get to our goal we will have a party during review time and pj day, cookies and hot chocolate!

Wet shoes and Winter Gear

Help keep the church clean by keeping wet/muddy shoes and winter gear on the towels or sheets in the entryway.
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Classical, Christian Education

"No wonder students come to a college education expecting nothing more than a set of paper qualifications that will enable them to earn a decent salary. The idea that they might be there to grow as human beings, to be inducted into an ancient culture, to become somehow more than they are already, is alien to them. They expect instant answers, but they have no deep questions. The great questions have not yet been woken in them. The process of education requires us to become open, receptive, curious, and humble in the face of what we do not know. The world is a fabric woven of mysteries, and a mystery is a provocation to our humanity that cannot be dissolved by googling a few more bits of information."

--Stratford Caldecott, Beauty for Truth's Sake

Parent Meeting January 4th

Reminder we will be having a parent meeting on January 4th at 6:30-8:30 pm. Child care will not be provided. Only one parent needs to attend.

Weeks 13-18 Art

The next quarter has some super fun art projects. But they will also be a bit messy. Please be sure to send your kiddos in clothes that you do not mind them getting messy in.
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Parts of a Flower

Slide show on the parts of flowers

Bless the Church reminder

Just want to remind you to bless the church in some way during the week your family is up for family presentation. This can be as simple as stopping into the office and saying "Thank you!", having your children draw a picture or thank you card, or bringing treats. The office staff meets on Tuesday mornings and really enjoys the treats we have been bringing in. There are 9-10 staff members.

Also, please remember that each CC community has a facility fee that is set by their host church. Faith Baptist would like that fee to be a free will donation. If you have not yet donated your facility fee, this is just a reminder to please do that before the end of the school year. Recommendation is $25.00 per student. I can not stress enough how absolutely incredible this church has been for us. They are very relaxed and accommodating to all of our needs. The facility is also large enough that we will be able to expand with Challenge classes over the next several years. We are also looking at the need for 2 or more campuses in and around Sioux Falls next year. When those campuses open, they will be searching for a host church. An excellent recommendation from Faith Baptist would be very helpful in the search. Please let them know how appreciative we are!

Essentials Week 11

EEL Homework:
  • EEL Guide "At Home" section, p. 177
  • Copy Charts, focus on: Chart C - Linking Verbs, Chart D - Principal parts of verbs, Chart K - Verb Anatomy: To Be
  • Week 11 Sentences 1-3 Analytical tasks 1-4
  • Weekly Editing Exercises P.167
Capitalization and Punctuation Rule 11 (pg. 457) Spelling Rule 11 (pg. 463)

Homophones 11 (p. 485)

  • Optional Spelling List 11 pg. 472

Pattern: S-Vl-PA

Helpful hints about predicate adjectives:

  1. They are adjectives - words that describe, qualify, or limit a noun.
  2. They closely follow a linking verb - memorize those linking verbs!
  3. They modify or describe the subject of the sentence.
  4. Question confirmation will clarify the difference between a DO, PN, & PA.... practice, practice, practice.


In this pattern, the role of the linking verb is to join two words together. It will join the subject of the sentence to a noun or pronoun that follows the verb, called the predicate nominative (PN). The PN renames or replaces the subject.

Remember a good way to test whether it is a PN or PA:


S is PA


Sam is a boy.

Who is a boy? Sam, SN

What is being said about Sam? is, V

Sam is who or what? boy

Which boy? a, AJ

Can boy replace or describe Sam?

Yes, replace -boy is PN; label verb linking

Sam = boy; boy = Sam


Sam remained brave.

IEW Homework: Unit 5: Writing from Pictures

Homework: "In the Colosseum with Lions" (AHBW, p. 178)


Dramatic Openers - Hooks

  • SRN p. 46
Past Perfect Verb Tense

  • AHBW p. 169


TWSS Syllabus, Unit 5

Recorded Webinar- Unit 5