Bacteria Flyer

Don't have the bacteria fight you, fight the bacteria!

How can you prevent us?

Don't forget to wash your hands before you eat, or after you're out in public! You don't want to get sick do you? ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS! Especially after you use the restroom. When you sneeze, don't sneeze in your hand, sneeze in your elbow, if not then you're going to get a lot of germs on your hands, then you could spread them to other people, or you would sneeze all over someone, and give them all your germs, and bacteria's.

A pandemic is an outbreak of the bacteria through the whole world, and a epidemic is an outbreak of the bacteria through the community.

Bacteria Poem

B- Bacillus is an oval shaped bacteria.

A- Always wash your hands!

C- Coccus is a circle shaped bacteria.

T- They are not all bad bacteria's.

E- Easy to get rid of, mostly.

R- Rickettsia is a really rare bacteria.

I- It could be everywhere around you!

A- Antibiotic, is how it can be cured.