Miss Mary & Miss Rupa's M W 2s News

September 16th 2016

What are we doing?

We have had a great time the last couple of weeks filled with a lot of new experiences. Last Wednesday, the 7th, we had some new faces in our room helping out for the last half of the day. Alex Smith, the associate pastor at Northbook and JC Griffin from NAPP assisted us while Miss Rupa attended a funeral. The children did really well and enjoyed their company. When we went to music that afternoon we had Ryan Young – Student Ministries Director and Leslie Bowers – Director of Children and Family Ministries as our substitute music teachers. They were a hit with the children! Ryan played his guitar and Miss Leslie sang and orchestrated the props. The children were able to learn the chapel song and danced along as well.

On Monday we attended chapel for the first time and they did really well! It will get easier as they get into the routine of attending chapel and knowing what to expect.

This week we did a handwashing “experiment” with the children so they could see how soap washes the germs away. We put a drop of Dawn soap in a bowl of water with pepper sprinkled on the surface. The drop of soap makes the pepper move to the edge of the bowl so the water looks clean. Then we put glitter on the kid’s hands to represent the germs and the children took turns washing the glitter germs off their hands.

Continuing our “all about me” theme we read a book about how we all look different on the outside but are the same on the inside. We conducted our egg experiment to help show the children the lesson. We cracked open different colored eggs and saw that they were all the same on the inside. We are working on decorating boy and girl cutouts to look like ourselves.

This week we sent home a class placemat with each child’s picture so the kids can get to know each other’s names. We also sent home a blank board book with instructions to make a book about your child. If you have any questions let me know.

Coming Events

Mon. Sept. 26 – Chapel (our class will do all birthday blessings in the last half of the year)

Thurs. Sept. 29 – Pizza Night 5:30 Playground

Mon. Oct. 17 – Class trip to the Pumpkin Patch 11:45 - 12:15 (parents attend - will dismiss from the pumpkin patch)

Bible Verses

God said “I know you by name” – Exodus 31:17


If you arrive early in the morning for school please wait in the hallway until we are ready to receive the children at 9:15. We are busy preparing the room and getting all the necessary supplies ready for the day. We share the room with a 3's class and we have to make sure everything is safe for 2's.

Also, our class loves to dump toys out! Please work with your child on putting toys away. Simple directions like, "pick up all the trucks and put them in the box." This would greatly help us during clean up time. Thank you!

Snack Friends:

Sept. 19 – Andrew

Sept. 21 – Andrew

Sept. 26 – Tripp

Sept. 28 – Tripp

Thanks to Timothy, Dylan and Sadie for bringing in snack for last week and half.

Our class has a late snack time due to our assigned playground time. This class is good and hungry when we sit down for snack, so err on the side of sending more if you're unsure. We will return any leftovers to you.

Thanks also to Marnie Nessen for providing the playdough for September!