Virginia Woolf

An Essential Review

Essential Question

Does a writer need to be androgynous in their literature in order to produce works of value?

Main Points in the Life of Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf, born January 25th, 1882, died March 28th, 1941

  1. Her father was a man of literature, so she got to meet many famous writers and poets.
  2. The family always went on vacation to Cornwall, and that was where her happiest memories were made.
  3. She was a very good cricket player.
  4. Virginia was educated at home, but it was not that good.
  5. Her first huge breakdown was when her mom died.
  6. Virginia and her brother Thoby started the Bloomsbury Group discussions.
  7. Thoby died and her sister got married which sent her in a deep depression.
  8. She married Leonard Woolf, and he kept her stable.
  9. Her and Leonard began the Hogarth Press.
  10. She drowned herself due to too much emotional stress because of her writing and the war.


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