Imagining Redemption

Take Your Burned to the Cross

Redemption is a continual journey. Redemption is evolving. Redemption requires love and patience.

Redemption: The act of saving; being saved from sin; an era or evil.
Imagining: forming a mental, or concept to dream; envisions or to believe.

Imagine Redemption as a promise that God has already given you. God sent Jesus to live a life of peace, grace and sacrifice. Sitting and talking with both his enemies and his friends to make peace and share love. Jesus lived his life graciously as an example of how we should treat our neighbors and ourselves. Today, we acknowledge Jesus' life as a symbol of sacrifice. Through Jesus's sacrifice we have the permission, strength and support to let go of our past, sins and faults that hold us back from being the best person we can be.

Below are 3 categories, where you can begin to let go. On the back of each section write down, an action, thought or habit that you would like to let go and let Jesus' love and sacrifice be your honest friend and guide as you imagine your redemption.