Monday News and Notes

September 28, 2015

Week at a Glance!

At Thursday evening's BOE meeting the Board wanted to share with everyone how pleased they were with open house, the grade level presentations, the positive energy and the over-all look and feel of the building! They thanked everyone for a very successful opening of school and wish everyone a wonderful year. Great job!


  • Fire drill was cancelled-please see the shared calendar for all future fire drill dates.
  • Picture day-staff photo will be in the middle school gym immediately following dismissal. Please be there.


  • Sixth grade data meeting 8:50 (due to fire drill)-2:30.
  • Fire drill 8:45-Please hold up red folder to demonstrate all children are accounted for. Barb will be checking the front of the building, I will be out back by gymnasium, Shannon will be outside by Brita's office and Janet will be near the parking lot. This will allow each of us to quickly scan and see who we need to locate via the radio.


  • Second grade data meeting 8:30.
  • Fire drill 9:40.
  • School banking- send all children down first thing in the morning. Most students will stop in right from the bus but it may take a few weeks for them to get used to it. Once again if we secure enough memberships, we will receive a $1000 donation from the credit union. Please consider opening a staff account. There is no minimum weekly deposit required.


  • Grade level leader training with BOCES 8:30-11:30 ELA, 12:00-2:30 math.
  • Community forum in the HS auditorium to discuss capital project and renovations 6-7pm.
  • Fire drill 10:40.


  • Fourth grade data meeting.
  • Fire drill 1:05.

Report Cards

  • As we work to assimilate the standards, the new CKLA curriculum and the need to provide accurate information to parents regarding their child's progress, we may want to look at standards based report cards. I have provided samples of these report cards to the GLL. Please discuss these with your grade level. We will talk about the report cards more during the faculty meeting. I will be providing articles relating to standard based report cards to all staff to better understand what they are and why we may want to change.

"Arts n Ed" Meeting

  • We will have an Arts n Ed meeting on Wednesday at 2:30 in my office. Please bring your ideas on what different grade levels would like to see.

Academic Pep Rally

We discussed a need to change the academic pep rally as many staff voiced concern over missing valuable class time right before State Testing. The committee members present discussed the following alternatives:

  • Create a "flash mob" type video that involves the whole staff. Film this in segments and use a song that is relevant. Change the words to the song and have each class participate by singing a verse specific to their grade level. We would look to incorporate the whole staff including cafeteria, bus, secretarial, custodians etc... This video could be played shortly before the test to increase excitement and reduce stress while also focusing on key strategies for test taking.
  • Academic awards would then be provided at the end of the year when each grade level holds their academic award ceremony.
  • Have a school wide celebration following the State Test-ideas to be discussed

We can discuss these ideas further at the faculty meeting so visit You Tube, gather some ideas and let us know what you find. I have attached a link to a HS "flash mob" version. Our challenge is to make an elementary appropriate version.


  • We need to decide on our Halloween theme. I will need each grade level leader to submit two or three ideas before Friday. Everyone will have a chance to vote on their favorite theme. The theme with the most votes will win.

Unannounced Observations

  • Please check the shared calendar for unannounced observation weeks- we will be looking for evidence showing pre-assessment data which is driving the need for instruction, students understanding of the objective & what they need to complete in order to demonstrate mastery (rubric/samples of completed tasks/ summative assessment etc...) and that you are checking for understanding (exit cards, cold call, pair/share). If evidence is not demonstrated during the lesson, you will be able to bring samples of the evidence to the post conference meeting.


  • Badges-if you have not had your picture taken for your new badge please email Barb so we can secure a date with Paul to finish these up.