South America

By: Camden Harsh :Academic 4

Panama Canal

The panama canal is a very hard thing to make it is deadly, by the disisas and other things that can kill thousands of people building it. If the panama canal wasnt there then all of the ships trying to trade would have to go around the continent of south america. If panama was made then all of the ships trying to trade would have a shorter distance to travel from continent to continent.

Amazon rain forest

The amazon rain forest is home to meany different spices like the poison dart frog. If the trees were torn down then thousands of animals will die, also there won't be as much air in the atmosphere. The poison dart frog can kill anything that eats or touches it. It impacts deforestation by killing meany animals.



Air Pollution

Air pollution is very bad and can cause acid falling from the sky (acid rain). If air pollution is not a bad problem then it wouldn't be a concern, so acid rain slowly decades the stone and plants in mexico city. since this is happening mexico city is slowly decaying, because of this animals and plants are dying and losing their homes because of acid rain.

5 Fun facts

1.South America has 6890000 square miles.

2.South America has 385742554 people

3.Portragese and Spanish are the most used languages in South America.

4.the most practesed religions are Roman Catholic and Proteaninisam.

5.there are 14 countries in South America.