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Hello and Welcome Back!

The Systems Admin Team (Jennifer, Misty, and Nathan) are trying something new this year. We will be publishing a quarterly newsletter with handy reminders, resources, and tips to support your work in Synergy and with all things technology!

We are sharing this first edition by directly emailing it to you. To receive the next edition, you will need to follow us on Smore (Click the orange button), which will set you up as a subscriber. We don't want you to associate us with spam so this is an opt-in publication!

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Keep Your iPad Software Current

You want to verify in your Systems settings that you have the most current iOS operating by checking for Software Updates. The current iOS is 12.4. We know that iOS 13 is looming, but it's likely 3-4 weeks out. A good practice is to turn on your "Automatic Updates" so that you don't have to check back.

Running the latest software update means that your device will perform better. We encourage you to share reminders with your school staff.

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