New York City

The City That Never Sleeps

Let's Talk Food!

There's a lot of variation when it comes to restaurants from pizza or hot dogs to a gourmet fancy meal. Here are some.

Le Caprice restaurant

ABC Kitchen

Minetta Tavern

Central Park for the whole family kids,teens,grandparents etc. have a picnic or take a nice walk

Time square for the people who are up for the walk!

The Statue of Liberty is great to go see and see the city's view if you make it to the top

For my party people there are so many clubs and bars you go to so here are some The Not-So-Secret Speakeasy club ,A New Take on Old Favorites and way more

Background Info on New York, New York

Latitude:40.6700 degrees N, Longitude: 73.9400 degrees W

Climate: snowy,windy and cold during Christmas time

Clothing: it would be a good idea to bring a nice warm snow coat, a hat, gloves and some winter boots so you can be warm