Burning Matches!!!

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Do you ever wonder how a match produces fire?

Well, when a match is lit, a chemical reaction occurs between the potassium chlorate and sulfur in the tip of the match and the red phosphorus on the striking surface of the match box. When the match is struck, the heat of the friction (catalyst) causes a reaction between the match head containing KClO3 and S and striking surface containing P in which sparks are formed. This ignites the match head that continues to burn.

Chemical Equation for the Burning of a Match:

3P4(s) + 10KClO3(s) --> 3P4 O10(s) + 10KCl(s)

What type of Chemical Reaction is this?

This chemical reaction is considered both a single displacement and an oxidation


Why is Burning Matches so important and significant in everyday life?

Matches are crucial in many situations for survival starting fires whether it be for camping, other outdoor hobbies, or small things such as lighting candles for light or scent. In some places they a are still used to light stoves and heat sources such as fireplaces to keep us warm.

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