Colonial New York

Before 1750

New York

New York was originally known as New Amsterdam because it was owned by the dutch back then. Now, this amazing colony is run by the trusty British. The British are better leaders than the dutch because of the resources they provide for their citizens. New York was discovered by a french man named Samuel De Champlain in 1608

The Best colony ( New York)

Come to New York

Our colony is the best colony to come to! We are now offering the new HEADCOUNT SYSTEM! For those who do not know about the headcount system it is a system that gives 20 ACRES for every head counted in the group you are traveling in. Laws of New York include the Puritan Blue Laws. It is a natural businesses hub for colonial companies. HURRY NOW WHILE THERE IS LIMITED SPACE WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT 10,000 PEOPLE INTO THIS MAGNIFICENT COLONY.

The Advantages of New York

Other than the headcount system New York is also offering great education to the children of the many settlers already in New York! New York will supply the beginners package to new settlers that have not yet bought the necessary supplies for settling in New York! We are closer to England and more civilized than the uncivilized in the south.

Bonus's of New York

New York is also offering one of the main staples required for a colony. PROTECTION. New York is offering protection from the local Native American tribes and other enemies of the British empire! Another bonus to the amazing colony of New York is that we have close fashion and architecture of London so you feel right at home.