Kids InfoBits

A great place to find information about your animal!

I've chosen an animal for my research project. What now?

A great place to start is by clicking on Kids InfoBits found on the library's database website. Kids InfoBits will give you almost all of the information you need for this assignment.

This is what Kids InfoBits looks like.

You can see six different categories for a variety of topics. Which category should I choose?
Big image

I'll want to choose "Animals" of course!

When I click on "Animals" a popup shows different animal categories. You would click on the group that your animal fits into. Let's pretend I've chosen to study canaries.

Now you are ready to put together all of your information!

Remember to check your rubric to make sure you've found all the facts your teacher asks for! Don't forget to give credit to whomever you found the information from. Have fun!