Disney project

By: Lindsey Larson, Damian Carmona, and Gibson Stinson :)!!


We think that as the teachers are trying to teach the kids in a way that doesn't capture the kids attention, that if you use Disney films to help these children progress in their reading skills that you will see a tremendous change in the child's learning life. Also here are some more reasons

1. It will be more FUN & INTERESTING for the kid

2.It's a BETTER EXPERIENCE for the child and its learning

3.( it will make you the child's FAVORITE teacher!!)

4.It will help Walt Disney with their business

5.It will help you as teachers because maybe you could learn something too!!

6. it will be a great review on story elements

7.It will be a blast !!!

8. We can have more project based learning.

9.It will make children hooked on their learning :)!!!

10. Last but not least....As the children are watching the movie you have more time to finish extra work!!

P.S. Here are the some of the story elements for the kids to use!!!


My group thinks we can compare Chicken little to his dad because he looks and acts just

like him. Also because they have some of the same interest. We can also compare him to Mike from Monsters University because how they both always get embarrassed and because when they say something nobody believes in what they're saying.

Cause & Effect

We think that because Chicken little said the sky was falling the effect was everybody panicking.Also because aliens came to Earth and Chicken little found the aliens kid the effect was the aliens trying to vaporize the Earth. We also think that because aliens parents left their little alien the effect was the kid following Chicken little to his parents


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