5th Grade News

For the Week of October 3rd

Our theme this year is "Wolfpack Strong." We believe that learning and growing together is the key to our success. Strength lies in the pack, and we will remember this theme throughout the year as we work cooperatively to be successful!

Learning Objectives This Week


Review summaries in fiction text.

Wednesday: Reading Assessment (Major)


Continue to publish and write imaginative stories

Monday: On- Demand (Major)

Friday: Grammar: Italics/ Bold/ Underline (Minor)


Using patterns to divide by multiples of 10

Estimation with division

Using models to divide

Solving problems using division


Review of physical properties of matter

Tuesday-Test over physical properties of matter-Study past Brain Checks and science notebook

Social Studies

Continue to study the 13 colonies.

Monday: Using the Atlas: 13 Colonies (Minor)


Homework is on Canvas. It is due on Friday, October 7th.

Homework is a completion grade the first semester.

Reading- See Canvas. It is under quizzes.

Math- See Canvas. You must also turn in a separate sheet of paper showing your work.

Science-See Canvas. It's under quizzes. No need to turn any papers in!

Information and News

Upcoming Events:

October 7 - Wolfpack Learning Day

October 10 - Fishing field trip

October 21 - Early dismissal

October 28 - Character Parade

Gallop Student Poll

Fifth grade teachers will be administering the Gallop Student Poll over the next two weeks. The purpose of this poll is to give us a tool beyond test scores to support student engagement. We would like for every 5th grader to participate. It is a 20 minute online poll that will give us information on how they perceive their educational experience. It is confidential and anonymous. The poll measures engagement, hope, entrepreneurial aspiration, and career/financial literacy.

Project VOTE

Since this is an election year, Katy ISD will be having students in grades 3-12 participate in Project Vote. This will be a mock election. Our 5th graders will be able to complete their voter registration at school and participate in early voting. We will be talking about this and the election process as the election gets closer.

October Core Essential: Courage

Courage-Being brave enough to do what you should do even when you're afraid. The animal that represents courage is the mongoose. The color of the month is silver.

Music video https://safeshare.tv/x/n04qtJa5UqA

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