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Cyprus six major districts

Cyprus has six major district, and they are...

  1. Kyrenia
  2. Famaust
  3. Nicosia
  4. Larnace
  5. Limassol
  6. Paphos

Location and Surroundings

Cyprus is the largest island that floats in the Mediterranean sea, but it is not alone. It is also surrounded by seven countries, those seven countries would be Crete, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, and Libya.

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Have any Questions and need Answers

1. How many beaches does Cyprus have?

A) Cyprus has more than 10 beaches.

2. When does carnival began?

A) Carnival began on February 20, at 7:00 pm

3. Why do we have to wear plastic shoes when swimming?

A) so you don't get bit by a dragon fish (poisonous fish).

4. What side do you have to drive in Cyprus?

A) the left side of the road.

5. Who is the leader in Cyprus?

A) Cyprus leader/president is Nicos Anastasiades.

6. Whats the currency used in Cyprus?

A) the currency used in Cyprus is Euro.

7. Does Cyprus accept credit cards and American money?

A) Yes, Cyprus will accept Credit cards (sometime) and American money (always).

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