JULY 2013


Our youth group attended Church Camp this past month from June 17th through June 21st at the Mountain Valley Retreat center. We had 15 youth members get to go. The youth that were able to go were: Justin Bailey, Hunter McClellan, Samuel Downen, Alex Payne, Clay Kea, Quinton Ledbetter, Austin Faunce, Jackson Gray, Grayden Ramsay, Zoe Ledbetter, Jennifer Bailey, Alyssa Brown, Tori Tidwell, Emily O'Neil, Bailey Kea, and Morgan Blann. Brother Matt and Sister Alicia went along as sponsors. Everyone had a blast! The days were filled with go-carts, 'crazy games', softball, and dodge ball. The nights were filled with amazing sermons and spirit led worship. Our evangelist was Brother Jason Patterson. You can find more out about him on his website- www.jasonmpatterson.com and app- 'Threeleaf'. Everyone got a true touch from God.


Dallas is coming up fast! On July 18th the youth will leave the church at 4:30 am to go on their annual Dallas Trip. The youth will go to a Texas Rangers game, go to Six Flags, and go shopping. Please be in prayer for a safe trip. They will return on Saturday, the 20th.