Ariana Grande

Janelle Lopez


Of all the female singers in the world , I can listen to Ariana Grande all day. She is glamorous and has become famous in a very interseting way and has an exciting carreer and everyone loves her.

Why I Love Her ...

First, Ariana is very beautiful and has a booming voice that will make you're ears perk and your mouth sing a long. Her angelic voice will sooth anyone and melt their problems away. She is a considerate person and always puts everyone first.

Her Career Life

In 2008 she worked on a play called "13" which gained her fans , she started working on YouTube videos and landed a role in a show called " Victorious ". After working with " Victorious " she played in another show called " Sam & Cat ".

How she became more famous

She became more famous for one of her big hits , named " The Way " it went platitnum. Her album " Yours Truly " reached #1 on the Billboard charts. Also , she went on tour with Justin Bieber. She won an award at the AMA's .


Ariana has accomplished so much in so little time , and I'm glad I was there to support her. She will accomplish much more in the long run , and I will be there for her through thick and thin.