LYNX Newsletter

February 2020, Volume 2, Number 6

Semester 2 Begins!

Thanks to all of our LYNX scholars who worked so hard on the MCAP, MISA, HSA, and WIDA exams throughout January as first semester came to a close.

This issue recaps some of the final LYNX experiences from 2019 as well as new opportunities in 2020. Many exciting opportunities planned!

LYNX Experiences in the Classroom: Financial Literacy

LYNX scholars in the Learning for Life program engage in financial literacy lessons with LYNX partner Maria Pereira from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Students set goals for achieving what they NEED and what they WANT, then presented their ideas to their classmates.

LYNX Learning Lab: Block 6 Options for Students

Did you know that the LYNX Learning Lab is open for students daily during block 5 (2:20-3:40 pm) and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after free dinner during block 6 (4:20-5:40 pm)?

Read on to learn about options including SAT math preparation, ACCE 101 "College Success Tools" and unique experiences with local LYNX partners!

SAT Math Workshops - Peer Tutoring

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ACCE 101 - "College Success Tools" - 1 FCC Credit

Our second 5-week session of "College Success Tools" is underway with Mrs. Ptak during block 6 on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

We will offer this 1-credit opportunity one more time this school year for any interested student (grades 9-12) during the month of March. For more information, see Mrs. Moshier, LYNX Secretary in the AP office.

LYNX Experience: Chopped!

For the second year, FHS alum and executive chef Niko Negas of Roasthouse Pub mentored students through a "Chopped!" competition in the state-of-the-art teaching kitchen at FHS.

Under the guidance of Chef Negas and Chef Baier, students prepared and proudly presented their culinary creations for this year’s chopped competition! Basket ingredients were: duck breast, plums, Thai basil, and basmati rice. Judson Asomani and Tyson Wilson took first place!

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LYNX Experiences: Learning Beyond the Classroom

Upcoming Events:

February 3: Careers with the Maryland State Police (guest speaker)

February 6: FCC Testing for English Learners (off-campus experience)

February 6: Police Academy Tour (off-campus experience)

February 18: Basic Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Training (workshop with LYNX Advocate)

February 19: Scholarship Meeting for Seniors (guest speaker)

February 20: Radio and Advertising with Key 103 (off-campus experience)

February 20: Author Neal Shusterman (off-campus experience at Tuscarora HS)

February 25: Basic Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Training (workshop with LYNX Advocate)

February 25: Careers in Social Work and Community Outreach (guest speaker)

February 25: C. Burr Artz Public Library (off-campus experience)

February 26: Design and Ad Contest - Advertising Techniques (guest speaker)

February 27: Careers in Medical Imaging (guest speaker)

LYNX Scholars Learn from ADTEK Engineers, Inc.

LYNX scholars learned about how to prepare for a career in civil or structural engineering from and worked in teams to create structurally sound catapults. Thanks to Karen Yoho, BOE member, for joining us!

National Cancer Institute at Frederick (NCI)

Budding FHS scientists absorb the wealth of information offered by Dr. Walter Hubert of NCI about the vast number of science careers and the local student internships offered by NIH/NCI.
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Frederick City Water and Sewer

LYNX Scholars visited the Frederick City Water and Sewer facility to experience the mental and physical work that both operators and lab technicians do to protect our waterways! Thank you Alderman Kelly Russell for joining our students and sharing employment information!
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All FHS students (grades 9-12) can register for LYNX experiences and workshops!

Explore options each month in Schoology:

Visit the FHS LYNX 2019-2020 Schoology Group.

Click Resources -- Partnerships -- LYNX Experiences: Calendar and Sign ups

Flexible and Personalized Education at FHS

Frederick High School operates on an extended daily schedule.

All FHS students (grades 9-12) can choose a traditional, staggered, or extended schedule for the 2019-20 school year.

Block 5 class: Semester 2 - Spring 2020 (2:20-3:40 pm)

*Physics of Earth and Space - Mrs. Brandenburg

Block 6 class: Semester 2 - Spring 2020 (4:20-5:40 pm, T/Th for 5-week sessions)

*FCC ACCE 101 - "College Success Tools" - Mrs. Ptak

LYNX Learning Lab: Did you know?

All FHS students (grades 9-12) can come to the LYNX Learning Lab (media center) for tutoring, independent study, collaborative work, and guest presentations with LYNX partners.


Session I: 2:20 - 3:40 pm (daily)

FREE Dinner: 3:45-4:15 pm (daily) *bus at 4:15 pm

Session 2: 4:20 - 5:40 pm (T/W/R) *bus at 5:45 pm

Students should sign up before 2:15 pm on the day they plan to attend: Learning Lab Registration Form

Fast Fact

1,690 FHS students and staff are connected as a digital community through the FHS LYNX Schoology group!

Please visit Schoology for up-to-date information about senior events, work-based learning, volunteer opportunities, LYNX experiences, Learning Lab registration, and much more!