8 Tips for Interviewing

Preparing and Conducting

Step 1: Research: Find out the basics of your topic, but don't just brush the surface. To make good questions for an interview it is crucial to know depth about the subject.

Step 2: Get In Touch: Find out when would be an ideal time to do the interview. Be polite when asking, don't be pushy. If nothing works find out if you can set up a phone interview. Most of the time you wont know the person personally, so be sure to introduce yourself and give some background information.

Step 3: Come Up With Questions: Come up with 15 questions at the minimum, you never want to run out of questions. Make sure your questions are specific and open ended questions. No yes/no answerable questions.

Step 4: Preparation: It is a very wise ideal to bring paper, pen/pencil, list of questions to have on hand, and a recording device. If you do decide to record the interview, ask permission first.

Step 5: On time: Arrive early to the interview. Your interview will get off to a bad start if the reporter is late, very unprofessional.

Step 6: Organization: Be polite, Ask for an explanation if you are not understanding, don't make pauses uncomfortable, don't be too controlling of the interview, make eye contact, listen carefully, don't push questions too fast, and take notes on all aspects of the interview.

Step 7: Note Taking: If you are not recording the interview it is important you take even better notes, but don't try to write everything down that was said.

Step 8: Review: Pick out the highlights of the interview. This makes it easier to begin your writing.

To Remember:

  • Be personable
  • Talk clearly and loud enough to be well heard, without yelling
  • Be friendly
  • Don't make them feel uncomfortable
  • Confidence is key for both the reporter and the person being interviewed
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