The Weekly Howl

St. Francis Catholic School - Sunday, October 4th

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10 4 2020 Weekly Howl
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Week of 9/21 - 10/3/2020

Sunday, October 4th

  • Feast of St. Francis
  • 4:00pm: Confirmation for Class of 2020 at St. Francis By the Sea Parish

Monday, October 5th

  • PE Uniform for 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Grades
  • 3:00pm: Jr. Girls Volleyball Practice
  • 3:30pm: Cross Country Practice at Jarvis Creek
  • 4:15pm: Sr. Girls Volleyball Practice

Tuesday, October 6th

  • PE Uniform for 3rd Grade
  • Hot Lunch - Healthy Culinary Concepts
  • 4:15pm: Sr. Girls Home Volleyball Match at Cross
Wednesday, October 7th

  • Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary
  • School Pictures for PreK through 2nd
  • 10:00am: School Mass
  • 3:00pm: Jr. Girls Volleyball Practice
  • 3:30pm: Cross Country Practice at Jarvis Creek
  • 4:15pm: Sr. Girls Volleyball Practice
Thursday, October 8th
  • PE Uniform for 5th, 6th & 7th Grades
  • Hot Lunch - Healthy Culinary Concepts
  • 3:30pm: Cross Country Practice at Jarvis Creek
  • 4:00pm: Sr. Volleyball Match at HHCA

Friday, October 9th

  • PE Uniform for 3rd, 4th, 8th Grades

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Check out Mrs. Burke's newsletter with all the great things occurring in Prekindergarten.


Kindergarten enjoyed making a new bulletin board to go along with their Science Weather Unit, a nature walk to test the sun’s heat, painting their sight words, a visit from Deacon Galo to bless their St. Francis statue (thank you Mrs. Gloven!), a celebration of St. Francis of Assi on Fun Friday and so much more!

2nd Grade

The 2nd grade students are doing an awesome job getting their morning started right away with their seat work! Great job 2nd grade!!!

2nd Grade

Different (cursive!) strokes for different folks! This is the downcurve stroke, by the way. (Think of a person diving into the water!!) Off to a great start with our cursive writing in Grade 2!

6th Grade - Social Studies

The 6th grade students we able to take advantage of the good whether this week and work on their Mesopotamia Unit in the courtyard.
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7th Grade - Social Studies

The 7th graders were creating talk shows, game shows, songs and board games for their Mesoamerica Unit. This picture highlights a Jeopardy that was made and played by peers.

1st Grade Fine Arts

The first grade art/music class germinated then planted our pumpkin plants! Thanks to Mr. Goll and Mr. Jones for tilling the garden, adding fresh soil, and adding water sprinklers!!!

3rd Grade

The 3rd grade students studied the different types of climates around the world this week. They created large maps illustrating the different climates and their locations around the world. Great job 3rd grade!

4th Grade

The 4th grade has been working on learning the regions of the United States and researching their characteristics.

Physical Education

It was a big week for PE! At the beginning of the week with the rain the students were learning the rules to kickball and later in the week they were working to improve their time for the 1/2 mile run. Great job students!
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Volleyball and Cross Country

Both seasons are still going strong and have winning records. Also thank you to our Athletic Department for bringing back the National Anthem to open our home matches!
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Support the Wolfpack!!!

Time to get or renew your SFCS Athletic Department by becoming a sponsor. Check out the levels of participation to become a supporter of the Wolfpack!
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Director of Basketball - Mike Weaver

The SFCS Athletic Department is happy to announce that Mike Weaver will become the SFCS Director of Basketball. In this position Coach Weaver will work with our Athletic Director in streamlining the operations of all (4) basketball teams in order to provide a high-quality experience and consistent coaching expectations for our student-athletes and parents. For those players looking to play in high school, my intention is to provide a competitive environment, along with consistent coaching, to expose our student-athletes to the skills and game experience needed to succeed at the next level.
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Hot Lunch - Healthy Culinary Concepts

Healthy Culinary Concepts is once again going to be providing hot lunch for our students. Each meal will be individually packaged and delivered to the classroom.

They are starting out with Tuesdays and Thursdays for the month of October. I have attached the order instructions and the menu. Hopefully if there is a good demand for lunch we may be able to increase the days that lunch can be offered.

These days are in addition to what the FSA is offering.

We hope your student will enjoy these lunch offerings.

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School Mass for Wednesday, October 7th

Click the following link for access to our School Mass on Wednesday, October 7th at 10:00am.

SFCS Mass - October 7th - 10 a.m.
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Thank You for Supporting the FSA!

The FSA wants to thank all the parents and students that have supported their efforts to offer Hot Lunch opportunities for the students! With all the restrictions at this time the FSA is working hard to find ways to raise money for the school. In their first offerings of Pizza Hut and Chick-fil-A the FSA was able to raise over $500.00! Great job and thank you!!!
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Join Us on Zoom for The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation, an In-Depth Exploration of Salvation History in 24 Sessions

Every Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m., beginning Thursday, October 8.

The Bible Timeline® study program takes you on a guided journey through salvation history. Video presenter Jeff Cavins will show you how fourteen of the Bible’s narrative books tell the biblical story from beginning to end and will give you the keys to understanding the amazing story woven throughout Scripture.

In this revolutionary approach to Bible study, The Bible Timeline divides the Bible into twelve color-coded time periods that make the narrative thread easier to follow. Using a unique color-coded chart, you will learn the major people, places, and events of the Bible and discover how they all come together to reveal the remarkable story of our Faith.

The Bible Timeline will teach you how to read and understand the entire Bible and introduce you to the wonderful narrative of Scripture in a way that will transform your life.

You can participate in this study from the comfort of your own home, but the study itself is a commitment! Each week you will read a section of the Bible, participate in the online (Zoom) discussion with fellow parishioners, and watch a 50-minute video presentation by Jeff Cavins, the creator of the Bible Timeline program. You can order the materials and join the study by clicking the link below. The $36 cost includes the Study Guide and access to all 24 Bible Timeline video sessions.

The study begins Thursday, October 8 at 7:00 p.m.

Click this link to sign up!

After you are registered for the study, Jennifer McGlynn will contact you with the Zoom link. You'll simply click the Zoom link and follow the prompts to log into the meeting.

If you have any questions, reply to this email or call Jennifer at one of the numbers below.

God bless you,

Jennifer McGlynn

Director of Adult Faith Formation

St. Francis by the Sea Catholic Church

45 Beach City Road

Hilton Head, SC 29926

Office: 843.681.6350 ext. 266
Cell: 843.900.4303


There is a change to our new Mass times:

Beginning Saturday and Sunday, October 10th and 11th our mass times will be:

  • Saturday - 4:00 p.m. - Church, 4:15 p.m. - Family Center, 5:30 p.m. - Church, and 7:00 p.m. - Church (Spanish)
  • Sunday - 7:30 a.m. - Church, 9:00 a.m. - Church, 9:15 a.m. - Family Center, 10:30 a.m. - Church, and 12:00 p.m. - Church

Please note the change from the overflow Mass going to 9:15 a.m. instead of 10:45 a.m.

On Saturday, October 10th at 12 NOON, the WOSF will be gathering on Beach City Road in front of our St. Francis by the Sea sign to pray the rosary as well as other prayers for the public sins of our nation. We will be taking part in a national event with over 800 rosaries being said across the country. Handouts will be distributed – social distancing will be required. Feel free to bring a lawn chair if needed. For more information on the 2020 Rosary Crusade, please click on this link.

Join in the 5th annual 54 day Rosary Novena for Our Nation Rosary Coast to Coast rallies on the Oct 11, 2020. Join in the simultaneous Rosary across the US at 4 pm Eastern. We look forward to seeing you in the church at St. Francis By The Sea on Oct 11, 2020 at 4 pm Eastern. For more information on the Rosary Coast to Coast, please click on this link.

The Diocese of Charleston has provided us with some voting resources for you. Please click on this link to access the voting resources.

Some of you have asked for the link to our WeShare Online giving. Please click on this link to access our online giving site.

Link to our Saturday - 4:15 p.m. Mass on YouTube

Finally, for those of you who are hesitant to come back to a weekend liturgy, Our Daily Masses are very small and very safely distanced. Our schedule for Daily Masses are: MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY - 8:30 A.M. AND 11:30 A.M. AND WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY - 8:30 A.M.

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Hilton Head Library is Opening!!!

We are happy to announce that our friends at the Hilton Head Branch Library will be reopening on Monday, October 5th. Click the link below for more information.

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JPII Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

JPII has been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15 – Oct 15) with multiple displays throughout the school, daily facts read during morning announcements, and art and research projects. The Student Leadership Council (SLC) worked with the Spanish teachers and agreed that, given the diverse student population (roughly 20% of the student body is Latino and Hispanic), featuring the culture and customs would be both educational and enjoyable.

"The students created a list of influences and themes to highlight the contributions of Hispanic people and culture," said JPII Spanish teacher Jennifer Cohen. "They decorated the hallways with brightly colored tissue paper banners and flowers representing Mexican heritage and flags of Spanish-speaking countries that included a map where students can put a pin to show where they or their family is from. Notable Hispanic-Americans, Spanish artists and student art projects that highlight cultural traditions in various Spanish-speaking countries were also displayed along the school hall." All items exhibited were created and designed by JPII middle and high school students.

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