Alexander the Great

Tanaya Jones, Krishawna Benard, Trinity Jones

  • He changed history forever
  • He remarks to be bold and impudent because he was only a youth
  • His horse allowed him to lead it
  • His horse became to weak and old to battle and he switched to a stronger horse
  • His horse didn't allow anyone to ride it unless it was Alexander
  • King Philip and Olympia's son
  • He arrived at Thebes with more than 30,000 and hoped to convince the Thebes for peace.
  • Marched south 240 miles to the gates of the Thebes to crush the rebellion
  • Stunned at the rebellious attitude of the Thebans and was determined
  • Treated some of the rebels with compassion
  • Egyptians welcomed Alexander more as a savior than an invader
  • A woman killed his general and he decided to spare her life because he admired her courage
  • Alexander and his force arrived in Egypt in 332 B.C.E
  • Historians believed that he wanted to confirm that he was the true son of Zeus
  • Divided his forces into 3 groups
  • Scared there elephants and they ended up destroying Porus's forces
  • 21 when he was king
  • He believed the new city located on the Egyptian coast could develop into in important port and trade center
  • He decided where the marketplace and the temples should be located
  • Also decided which god should have which temple
  • Rewarded his bravery by granting Porus's wish to rule Indian territory
  • His military campaign against the Persian Empire was brutal and relentless
  • His chief strategy was often to create a line of troops heavily armed with javelins and spears, or phalanx, and change directly at the enemy
  • showed respect for the conquered Persians
  • Treated the people and territories he conquered cruel and disrespectful manner
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