North America Natives



  • Fixed dams,ditches,and canals to keep rain out of mesa and channel to gardens on the floor.
  • There houses was made of stone,and adobe a big storied apartment with long walls of cliff.
  • Was a civilization in canyon,and was a massive piece of more than 1000 people
  • They built roads for network.
  • craftsmen made jewelry,baskets,pottery,
  • They left because of so many droughts
  • Art and architecture bye late groups such as Hopi and Zuni are largest groups today


  • was the Eastern woodlands people and they lived in Ohio in the valley region
  • They grew squash,sunflowers,gourds,and barley.
  • Made copper,jewelry,and good pottery
  • Burial mounds made of log was made of carved piles of the earth.


  • The Eastern woodlands people arrived in Ohio in 300 Bc.
  • Some mounds were built over 40 feet tall, and 700 feet wide.
  • There was trade networks that had artifacts.
  • Hopewell and Adena both relied to a Mound Builder.


  • Arrived to the Mississippi valley in 800 Ad
  • The plants they had were used for many foods and when maize and beans were added had a increase in the population.
  • population increased and it caused the need for more land.
  • More land came in numerous cities with up to 70,000 people there, and was largest Cahokia.
  • Center of the city of Cahokia's there was mound aprox
  • surrounding this massive mounds was 120 mounds smaller than it was