A Trip you will Never Forget!!!

By: Kellyn Brisendine


Barbados is a tiny island located in the Caribbean. I really want to go here because one of my really good friends live there and I really want to meet her family. There is a lot of wildlife located on the island. Such as sea turtles. They have pure white beaches that are absolutely beautiful. It is almost always sunny and warm on the island. Lastly you wouldn't have to learn another language because they speak English.
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The Sheep Highway

The Sheep Highway is located in Ireland. It is really amazing how many sheep are going along their own personal highway. They are adorable and they don't have a care in the world. If you afraid the sheep's won't want your company your wrong they could care less if you were petting them. They just relax like their isn't a care in the world. They stand at the edge of cliffs. I don't think they will be scared of a human.
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Glass Igloo Village Hotels

These glass igloo village hotels are located in Finland. They are the most beautiful things you have ever seen. You may be thinking they are beautiful but i would freeze up there well fear not because igloos are so warm inside you wouldn't believe how warm it gets in there. Haven't you always dreamed of sleeping in an igloo well here is your chance. Don't miss out because you will have the time of your life. It is really magical when you step into the igloo.
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Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park is located in Ibaraki. It is the cutest little park ever. They look like little orange cotton balls. It is a nice place to go relax at the beach and then go spend some time at the Seaside Park at play with the "cotton balls". This is my favorite park I've seen and been to it's adorable who can deny it. This is a place you absolutely have to go.
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Carrera Lake (Lake Buenos Aires)

Carrera Lake (Lake Buenos Aires) is located in Santa Cruz, Argentina. It is a beautiful blue color and is absolutely spectacular. It looks like a sculpture. I would stay their forever. If you are an artist of any kind this is the ideal place to be. There are many sculpturistic places in the world but this is by far my favorite. This is one of my super favorites. Its is totally awesome.
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The End

These five places have to be on your bucket list because they are absolutely beautiful :)!!!