The Big Win

By: Andrew

I was at Lambeau Field watching the game with my grandma, grandpa, and uncle. I wanted the Bears to win but they wanted the Packers to win. When Aaron Rodgers broke his collar bone, my grandpa said to me "We'll ,the Bears won." Then I said "Now do you understand me for liking the Bears." So that made it way easier for the Bears to make the win. Then eventually Seneca Wallace threw a interception to Julius Peppers and that made it even more difficult for the Packers to win. I was very happy about that because then the score was Packers 10 Bears 17. Then the Packers scored a touchdown and also got a field goal so then the score was Packers 20 Bears 17. Then the Chicago Bears got a touchdown. The score after that was Packers 20 Bears 24. The Packers got the ball back. There wasn't much time left and I was hoping they wouldn't get a touchdown because that would tie the game and then the game would possibly go to over time. The Bears got the ball back and kicked a field goal then they had 27 points. After that , the Packers got the ball and the Bears sacked the Packers quarterback two final times. The Bears finely own and the score was 20-27. By the time the game was over , I was ready for bed.

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