Early Ojibwe WINTER

Grace Schuck


Winter- Biboon (bih-BOON) in ojibwe. Each family group lived in there own cluster of wigwams far from there neighbors. They spred out due to the fact that there wasn't enoguh food for all of them. The children often played in the snow near the wigwams. The camps lived off there stocked up Wild rice, Dried fish, and Sugar and fresh meat if they were lucky. The men and younger boys often went hunting and tried to get Elk, Deer, and Moose, sometimes they got one, others they didn't any, if they didn't get any of those they would try to get small animals such as muskrat and raccoon.
Most of the winter the Ojibwes were geting ready for summer and spring to catch fish and get wild rice and maple sugar. The women would sew an fix clothes and cook. When the younger children were playing the older women would watch them and sew there fishing nets. The Ojibwe were similar to the Dakota but not the same.