Act 3 Scene 1

Rachel Glavin and Nathaniel Appiah


Mercutio, Benvoliio, Tybalt, Romeo, Prince Escalus, and Lady Capulet.


Hot weather gets Tybalt hot tempered. It was a hot day and everybody was hot tempered. Mercutio pulled out his sword first and started to fight Tybalt. Romeo wanted to keep the peace because of his tragic flaw: love. Romeo got married the night before all of this. So his love is distracting him from wanting to fight like he used to. So he blocked Mercutio and Tybalt. Trying to keep the peace, Romeo blocked Mercutio's shot to stab Tybalt so Tybalt got to stab Mercutio. Mercutio dies and everybody though he was faking his injury until he actually died. Romeo got mad at Tybalt and finally wanted to fight so he fought Tybalt and killed him. The prince wants to kill whoever started the fight and Mercutio is already dead and Romeo killed Tybalt so romeo has to be banished from Verona.
How To Save A Life - The Fray (Lyrics)