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October 9th, 2022

Message From The Principal

Happy Sunday!

Here are just a few thoughts about our "Credit Recovery" class as we head into a new week!

Parents, as you're probably aware, all of our students have a period each day devoted to "Credit Recovery". "Credit Recovery" is an actual class in your student's daily schedule. The purpose of that period is to help students earn credits that they need to graduate. During the "Credit Recovery" class students log into a program called "Edgenuity" and are presented with an online course that they can work on during that period. (Students can also continue their work at home if they are so inclined!). The course that is assigned to them is one that they have already taken (and didn't pass) so the content should be somewhat familiar. Common courses that students are currently taking include: English 9, World History, Biology, Earth Science or Geometry. (There are other courses that students can take...those just listed are the most common courses). And remember, your child is only signed up to take a course that is needed for graduation!

The Edgenuity program provides students video lectures, graphics, and information about the subject matter, and allows them to take quizzes along the way to check for understanding. Eventually, they take several culminating exams and (if they pass) get credit for that course. Then they can move on to the next course that they need to make up. In the old days the only way to make up courses was to go to Summer School. Now students can take those courses during the school year--during the school day!! As we are always saying, RVHS is all about earning credits so that students can earn their diploma! The daily "Credit Recovery" class is a great way for students to make up those missed units and narrow the gap between them and their diploma.

I would like to encourage you to talk with your student about their "Credit Recovery" class and see how that is going and which courses they are taking. All students are using their school-issued IPADS to take the Edgenuity courses--so your discussion could center on asking your child to show you the IPAD and see which course (or courses) she/he is taking and what type of progress is being made.

The "Credit Recovery" class (which students attend daily here at RVHS) is just one more way that the school is helping students to earn missed credits--putting them on a solid path to earning their diploma!

If you have questions about "Credit Recovery" please let us know. You can find your student's "Credit Recovery" teacher in Infinite Campus and reach out to him/her via email--and I'm always happy to provide more information as well! Let us know how we can help!


David Schlottman


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For earning the 2nd credit of the semester in ALL of their classes, students will be invited to a pancake breakfast on Wednesday the 12th during 3rd period in the WRIZ!!!


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Credit #3 --- Oct. 10th - Oct. 28th

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Keira Bennett

Keira comes every day to class and is upbeat and determined to do her best. She is a smart and able person who gets things done. She has focus and drive and can accomplish much.

Ashley Garcia

Ashley works incredibly hard in STEM. She has an excellent work ethic and great attendance. She uses her time wisely and always puts in 100% effort. She is focused on passing all of her classes at Rancho!
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Attendance Matters!

  • Report Your Student's Absence To:


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Community Service Opportunity

Click Here for the full flyer.

The Ranch needs help with:

Raking, filing holes, cleaning up poop, playing with the puppies, sitting with the senior dogs, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering please email @ savinghuey@gmail.com to set up a time.

Please visit their website if you would like more information:


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Counseling News

Ms. Kristen Rice serves all RVHS students. You can make an appointment with her by filling out the google form below.

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TVUSD Bus Passes

For information about Temecula Valley Unified School District's school bus system, and/or to apply for a bus pass, please click here.
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Lisa Sindermann

Secretary To Principal David Schlottman and

Assistant Principal Stephanie Webb