APRIL 20-24


April 27 GREEN plain t-shirts are due for field day- I will be ironing on the words McGhee's Monsters on the back and they will be designing a monster on the front using fabric markers and paints

April 30 Dia for Children -this is the day for wearing story character/fairy tale/princess or prince costumes, bring a book to read with 5th grade buddy, hot dog picnic and bounce house (must tell me by Monday, 4/27 if they are buying the hot dog lunch), visit with a guest artist/storyteller, I would love some fairy tale or story book themed snacks--let me know!

May 1 Field Day-wear our MCGHEE'S MONSTERS green field day shirts, bring a COMPLETE change of clothes and a plastic bag as they may get wet and need to change, brown bag lunch from the cafeteria or bring your own lunch, parents are welcome to join us

May 6 9:25-10:10 Our class time at the book fair, send $$ or come join them

May 4-8 OSE Bookfair in the library

May 12 Field Trip to Fort Worth Science Museum and IMAX (sack lunch, anyone can meet us there and spend the day with us)

May 22 Bad weather make up day--We will have school

May 25 Memorial Day no school

May 28 2nd Grade Musical Program 5:30 pm in the cafeteria--please download the sone Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and help me teach them ALL the words, this is one of our songs for the program. My mom is making their costumes and I am purchasing the accessories.

June 3 2nd Grade end of year party 1:45

June 5 Bad weather make up day-We will have school

It was truly a long and crazy week! WOW! A huge thank you to Mrs. Page for being our sub while I gave the STAAR test. IT IS OVER! Hooray! A big thank you to Mr. Page for being our WATCH DOG and Mystery Reader. The Page family are FABULOUS! Such servant hearts! Thank you.

I would really love some special snacks on Dia Day, April 30. Please let me know if you would be willing to send in some fun goodies for us.

We will be watching Paddington on Friday afternoon. We read the novel and I think this is a perfect way to chill out after a very active morning. Our dear Pais Project friend from church that is here from England said she cried several times at how sweet it was and LOVED the movie. Please do not forget that complete change of clothing and a plastic bag. They do get quite wet during the games. Come join us that morning to cheer the MCGHEE MONSTERS on!

Let's hope the weather starts to clear up. At least at 12:00 and 2:50 everyday. :) Indoor recess is no bueno. Please talk to your child about and have them choose a meeting place with their siblings for rainy day dismissals. It sends a great deal of stress and panic through them when dismissal is altered. To meet at the Lost and Found and then go to their designated spot is a great and easy plan. We hold HOV riders in the front hall by the library, SSOV in the cafeteria and the rest go to the gym. ESD gathers as usual. Just have a plan in advance. And for your peace of mind, our severe weather safe place is right across the hall in the Imagination room. I have a bag with flashlights, first aid, my cell phone and other important items. We have practiced many times and the kids are pro's. I will send a text or email out if there was a need for you to get information from me. I do get email on my cell phone, so you can reach me too. Just a little fyi from one worry wart parent to others!

Have a great week and hope to see some of you at all the fun festivities this week!

April McGhee


Math- We flew through our unit on fractions. The kids tested over it on Friday. If you would like to extend this learning, show them how fractions, percentages and decimals are all the same concept. I think they will get how it is a whole broken into parts and the numerical representation can be one of those 3 things. Next up, geometric shapes. Fun!

Language Arts- We are working away on our fractured fairy tales. They are proof reading and revising right now. We are still working in our book clubs. They probably will be bringing these books home with an agreed upon amount to read (their groups decide). Please help them to do their reading and to remember to bring the books back. I bought all of these books and Mr. McGhee would appreciate us taking care of them so I don't have to rebuy them next year. :)

Science-We are almost done with our moon and space unit. Next up, weather. This will last until next week and then we can move into animals and plants just in time for our fertile chicken eggs to arrive! So exciting!!