Cold Blizzards!

Learn how to stay warm and cozy

What is a Blizzard?

A blizzard is a cold snowstorm with lots of very cold strong winds and tons of snow.

How Does a Blizzard Form?

When a front of cold air meets a front of warm air which create clouds. Then the clouds fill up with ice crystals and water vapor. The water vapor and the ice crystals mix which create snowflakes. Snowflakes fill the sky, the strong wind blows the snow making it hard to see. Then snow on the ground makes high drifts and the wind makes the weather colder.

Where Does Blizzards Usually Happen?

You're probably wondering where does blizzards happen? Well they usually happen in the great northern plain in the U.S, also they happen in eastern or central Canada, and blizzards happen in various parts of Russia. So blizzards cannot usually happen in the southern area.

What Damage can a Blizzard Cause?

Blizzards can affect daily life even though blizzards are just big snowstorms. They can stop transportation, disturb daily life, and can close down shops for several days. So you need to have an emergency kit ready for a blizzard!

How to be Safe and Warm from a Blizzard

First you need to watch the weather forecast and the weather occasionally. Then pack the emergency supply kit. Put food, water, a flashlight, and candles (or an indoor heating device) if there is a blackout. Be careful using the indoor heating device.Also be sure to know that you CANNOT USE CHARCOAL!!! Drive if you really really need to. Make sure you have warm clothes to wear.

Interesting Facts & Stats About Blizzards

  • Snow is being blown around so it can be really hard to see during a blizzard
  • During a blizzard winds can go at least 35 miles an hour
Dec 19-20 2012 Iowa Blizzard - From the NWS in Johnston
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