Iowa grown meal

By Andy Roose

My meal

I'm am going to have a burger as my protein it will also have cheese on it. The buns on the burger will be my grain. I will have milk to drink for my dairy. Green beans as my vegetable. and apple slices will be my fruit.

The farms I am going to get my produce from

Gilbertville locker is were I will get my hamburger from. I will get my cheese from Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy and my milk from WW Homestead Dairy. The buns will be from Van Hemert's Dutch Oven Bakery. I will get green beans from . And I will pick some apples from Blue Ridge apple orchard.

My recipe

For the hamburger make into patties, then grill until well done at 160° and put on a bun with cheese. Cut up an apple into slices and put the slices on a plate with the burger. Wash the green beans and Break off the ends of the beans and cut into 2 inch pieces. Then heat on medium low and submerge the beans in water and boil them until soft.

Pictures of the Farms I got my Produce from