By Lupita Valdez

Saturn Is Great!

Our planet is called Saturn. People can't live in Saturn because of how cold it is but not to worry we got super heated hotel to make you feel like home ! We have special clothing you can wear to make you feel warm ! Also they are super fashionable and they are very good price to rent ! When you come to our planet we have GPS you can get so you won't get lost also we have a special Jeep car so you can get around and spacecraft . We have many activities like we have Saturn world (a theme park) with the biggest roller-coaster in universe ! Also you can take the spacecraft to Saturn rings and you can see them and ride them! Also we have tours for you to explore the planet! There is shopping centers and huge Saturn Malls ! And much more. The distance between Earth and Saturn is 1.2 billion km but don't worry we have a super safe and fast rocket that will take 30 minutes to get here.

  • Some fun facts we haven't mention yet!
  • Saturn has 62 moons!
  • Saturn is the second biggest planet of the solar system.
  • A Saturn year is 29 year Earth year
  • A Saturn day is 10 hours 39 minutes
  • Saturn to the Sun is 890.7 millions miles
  • -270 degrees is the surface area of Saturn but not to worry we got special clothes just for you!
  • Saturn could float in water.
  • The day Saturday is named after Saturn
  • Titan is Saturn's only moon with a atmosphere .
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WE GOT FREE WIFI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!