Wiens Words

What's going on in Ms. Wiens class this month?


This month in reading, we will be talking about

Susie's Book Report

My book report was on the book The Cat in the Hat. The story is about a crazy cat who takes over and destroys a house while the parents are away.


This month in math, we will be talking about...

John's Math Project

We used different materials to make 3-D shapes. The one shown in the picture is my favorite shape: the square pyramid. It's called a square pyramid because it has a base in the shape of a square, like the Egyptian pyramids. There's also another kind of pyramid called a triangular pyramid that has a triangle for a base.

PTA Night

Monday, Oct. 28th 2013 at 7pm

4800 Calhoun Road

Houston, TX

Please join us in the gym for food, fun, and games.

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