Type ll Diabetes

What is type ll diabetes?

Type ll diabetes is a chronic condition that effects the way your body processes glucose. Its causes your blood glucose levels to rise.

Common symptoms and problems

-Increased thirst and frequent urination.

-Increased hunger.

-Weight loss


-Blurred vision

-Slow healing sores or frequent infection

-Areas of darkened skin

Foods to stay away from

Some foods to stay away from are sugary foods, fatty cuts of meats, Fruit juice, package snacks and baked goods, fried foods, and full fat dairy products.

Foods that are beneficial

Some foods you should eat if you have type ll diabetes are Fish, turkey, wild rice, whole grain bread nonfat Greek yogurt, and broccoli.

Long-term effects

Some long term effects include glucose and cell damage, loss of eyesight, kidney failure, nerve damage, ulcers, and amputations.


Diabetes last forever, but there are ways to help with dealing with them.


The first thing you can do to treat type ll diabetes is diet, weight control, and physical activity. If this doesn't work doctors say you can use tablets to lower your blood sugar.
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Monday (Travel Day)

Breakfast- oatmeal and coffee.

Lunch- chicken and rice soup, flavored water, and diced melon.

Dinner- steak, sweet potato fries, pineapple, and skim milk.

Snack- sun chips and honey maid crackers.


Breakfast- non-fat yogurt and chocolate milk.

Lunch- tuna, whole-wheat pita bread, and apple cider.

Dinner- steak lettuce wrap, cucumber salad, and green tea.

Snack- blueberry sand apricots.

Wednesday ( Travel Day)

Breakfast- eggs, whole-wheat toast, and strawberry milk.

Lunch- pasta and unsweetened tea.

Dinner- pork tenderloin, steamed vegetables, lemon and water.

Snack- popcorn and snack mix.


Breakfast- blueberry corn muffin and orange juice.

Lunch- veggie stir-fry and fruit smoothie.

Dinner- meatloaf, green beans, and a sports drink.

Snack- dairy drink and trail mix.

Friday (Travel Day)

Breakfast- grapefruit and café mocha.

Lunch- sandwich and lemonade.

Dinner- grilled breast, brown rice, and flavored water.

Snack- vegetable snack and thin chips.


Breakfast- breakfast shake and chai latte.

Lunch- pasta with eggplant and Ginger Ale.

Dinner- oven-fried fish fillets, steamed broccoli, and peach tea.

Snack- fruit snack packs and peanut butter.


Breakfast- whole-grain cereal.

Lunch- roasted red pepper sub, fat free cheese, and kiwi juice.

Dinner- chili, crackers, and cranberry juice.

Snack- granola bar and kettle potato chips.