Anything is Possible

Randall Correa 6-7

Development of Theme Analysis

The conflict can change the characters mood and it could change the way they feel. This happen by the characters choices. First of all, Max is thinking are you kidding you got no brain when he pulls out a empty book. Then he writes the first letter in the book which lead to months of writing about the adventures he went on with Freak. One quote from the book is pg.80 " We know you know the answer because you always know the answer." Another thing is that the characters create the plot by their actions. Such as Kevin calling Tony D a cretin, which made Tony D very mad.

Reflection and Application of Theme

My reaction to the theme was amazing , I believed it was true. I agree with what the theme is because to me it is true. He developed the theme amazingly by the story he gives. Another thing is that people should know that things are possible.

Visual Representation


There were two kids Max who was a kid who's dyslexic but was growing quickly and the other other kid was Kevin that was born with disabilities but was very smart.