Miami Breaker, Inc.

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Miami breaker is a leading technological partner innovative for electronic products and electromechanical for protection the consequences of currents overload and short circuit. We are a company that is part of the great heritage of GE, and we are leading the future of electrification with advanced technologies of distribution, protection and control. GE circuit breakers are probably some of the best-known and used Circuit Breakers on the market. We offer controls for compressors and circuit breakers, custom panels and more.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of industrial electrical equipment for both distribution and automation. We provide our customers various industries; solutions, products and services that ensure the integrity and protection of the electrical infrastructure, from the generating station to the point of final delivery and throughout the distribution chain. We have all kinds of items for industrial electrical installations as well as Arc Fault Circuit Breaker, Insulated Case Circuit Breaker that provides reliable, flexible and easy-to use circuit protection.

As an independent manufacturer company guaranteed protection operations worldwide; we focus on our core competences. Our goal is provide the best possible solution for the customer that can concentrate on core activities. Many people and businesses around the world have enjoyed Miami breaker for monitoring and protection of engines and power equipment. Our product line includes instrumentation engine that monitors your critical functions. All our customers can freely browse our website, to get quality and market performance depending on your needs.