Team Inspire

Keegan Leliefeld and Keaton Meyer

We are willing to provide to others

Here to help

Team Inspire is here to help people who can't provide themselves with activities. We help be the best they can be. With our help there is always a way, and there is never a "I can't". We help people with skills they need to learn eventually to keep up in our world. With our help we can make more people happier than they would be not in a activity.

Things we learned through many websites

In co-curricular activities, people find their talents while developing values that will help them thrive in the world. Co-curricular activities promote friendships among students as they learn, and grow together. Participation in Co-curricular activities give a sense of responsibility to school, and the community (Co-Curricular Activities).
Talents that lie hidden in the core academic areas often flourish in co-curricular activities. Co-Curricular Activities improve personal, social, and physical skills (CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES).

You would be meeting with others, so social improvements would occur. There will be skills being learned upon the way, discipline being a large factor. Learning to carry out instructions, punctuality and respect for others' opinion would be learned in the process too. You learn your management skills, leadership skills, time management, ability to handle stressful situations, and decision making (Benefits of Co-Curricular Activities).
Students who are involved in co-curricular activities during high school have great attendance. Those who are involved in co-curricular activities are less likely to use drugs or participate in binge drinking. Activities provide opportunities for applying the school curriculum to life situations and practices. Other activities develop self-esteem, self-confidence and social cooperation (National Honor Society).

Live life to the fullist by spending it with Team Inspire. Team Inspire

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